During their eleven month long-term service, each Franciscan Community Volunteer commits to living the three pillars of the program

Franciscan Community Volunteers


  • Volunteers serve 36-40 hours/week at a social service agency
  • FCV matches the volunteer's passion to a community need
  • Each site has a Site Supervisor that supports and mentors at the site
  • Most positions eligible for up to a $5,000 FCV funded education award   
  • Monthly group service days with the FCV volunteer community
Franciscan Community Volunteers


  • Intentional community living at the Franciscan Welcoming House in St. Cloud, MN is amazing!
  • 3 Franciscan sisters and up to 6 FCVs live and grow together
  • Volunteers each get their own large bedroom and there is a large community room for the volunteers
  • Community Nights on Monday are a way to learn and grow in discussion & reflection, prayer & a shared meal
  • Volunteers and Sisters share household tasks - cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.  
  • Participate in house meetings, events, and fun activities with community members
Franciscan Community Volunteers


  • Share responsiblity of leading prayer for community nights
  • Learn about Franciscan spirituality shared by the Sisters
  • Four retreats throughout the year 
  • (orientation, fall retreat, winter retreat, closing retreat)
  • Prayers and support from Companions/Sponsors and Praying sisters 
  • Opportunity for spiritual direction



FCV is a ministry sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota, "A community of women religious whose members are called to live the Gospel joyfully and to reverence the earth and all of God's creation. In the spirit of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi, we embody a life of prayer, simple living, and service to those in need. We are committed to non-violence as we recognize the need for healing in ourselves and in our world. We seek to build communities of peace and justice wherever we are called to serve." 

Visit the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls' web site to learn more about their community and ministries: