Program Specifics


Franciscan Community Volunteers
  • Men and women, ages 21 to 30, are invited to apply to the Franciscan Community Volunteer Program.
  • Volunteers passions are matched with a placement site where they serve full-time (34-40 hours per work week)
  • Need not be Catholic, but willing to embrace the Franciscan way of life
  • Community nights, retreats, social justice opportunities, and other personal development activities help make the year a truly transformative experience.

FCV Provides:

  • $5,000 Education Award upon successful completion (1700 hours) of program – Half time award possible for people starting late in program.
  • Room & Board
  • Health insurance (premiums and some additional funds toward copays and other medical expenses are covered)
  • Transportation to and from placement site
  • $100 monthly stipend
  • A Companion family or individual to be with you throughout the year
  • A Companion Franciscan Sister to spend time with and learn more about Franciscan Spirituality
  • A Franciscan Praying Sister that prays for you each and every day throughout the year and beyond. FCV’s meet with their companions and praying Sisters several times throughout the year
  • Spiritual direction by a certified Spiritual Director of your choice

***Important additional benefits:

  • Amazing work experience
  • Knowing that you are making a difference
  • Developing leadership and management skills
  • Honing critical thinking skills and communication
  • Team building and collaboration
  • Learning personal awareness, self-care and boundary skills
Franciscan Community Volunteers