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A ministry of the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota


The mission of the Franciscan Community Volunteers is to invite young adults into a process of companionship with the poor in the spirit of Saints Francis and Clare.

The three pillars of FCV are:





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  • "She has loved the experience of communal life: what great women the Franciscan Sisters are! And...visiting the elderly, working with disabled people, talking with high school students, cooking for ten, even entering data into a computer! Lots of challenges in all that, often hard, are always productive. What a providential opportunity!"
    -- parent of a Franciscan Community Volunteer
  • "I am reminded of something that one of the sponsors said several weeks ago at an enrichment night hosted at the Franciscan Welcoming House. He said something like, 'Don't let anyone convince you that when you are finished here you are going back to the real world, because you are in the real world now. All that garbage that society tells you is real, is not. Remember what you learned here.'"
    -- S.B.
  • "Here I've been going in to schools, colleges, parishes, and church groups to spread the message that mission work is not limited to the realm of priests and religious, but rather available to everyone. In essence, 'mission work' occurs when we interact with others and strive to overcome all that which separates us from each other and from God."
    -- Franciscan Community Volunteer
  • "I learned quickly that they (the at risk youth) saw straight through me. I needed to start being real with them. I needed to focus on them, their struggles, their ideas and their words, instead of being consumed with how they perceived me. So I stopped being paranoid about how much they liked or disliked me. What a relief to stop worrying and to just be present with them."
    -- A.L.
  • "To many of my friends, my decision was surprising and even a little strange. Who in their right mind would give up an Aussie summer of beach days, garden barbeques and long balmy nights for a winter to end all winters? 'How random' was the common response! Indeed, one mate went so far as to dub it 'the most random gap year project I've ever heard!'
    -- C.T.
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